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Building An RC Car

September 5, 2022 - Alex Roland

My son loves helping me with projects, whether it is changing the brakes on our car or integrating the finder device into the remote. He asked me one day if he could have an RC car and if we could build it together. I loved the idea and thought it would be a great learning project for both of us. Read on to follow us during this journey! Keep in mind this project is ongoing so some content may be missing or take awhile to show up as we progress.

The first part we are working on is getting the tire mounted to the motor. I thought it would be cool to try a direct drive and dual motor design, so we need to figure out how to attach the tire to the motor shaft. After some searching, I found a flange coupler that would mount to the 2mm motor shaft (picture 1). We tested it and it is a perfect fit and holds on nicely. Now we needed to create a hub to get the tire mounted to the flange coupler. I modeled it based on measurements made with my digital caliper, and after four test prints we had a functional hub to complete the attachment (picture 2). All the parts to attach the tire to the motor are shown in picture 3. And finally the fully assemble part is shown in picture 4.